Our Services

We prepare a detailed bill of costs for approval by you within 10 working days (times for larger files may vary and will be advised accordingly). Once the bills have been returned to us with approval we proceed as follows, depending on whether the original matter was litigated or not. Similarly any instruction for preparation of a Precedent H Costs Budget is aimed for 10 days or less:

Litigated Services:

  • Service of Notice of Commencement immediately
  • Points of Dispute due within 21 days if costs not agreed
  • Claimant Replies will be prepared, served, hearing requested and an Application for an Interim Costs Certificate
    will be prepared if no interim payment has been received within five working days of receipt of Points of Dispute

NON-Litigated Services:

  • Service of bill of costs to be agreed within 21 days
  • If not agreed, Part 8 Proceedings will be issued

Electronic transfer of files:

Absolute Legal Costs utilise the Proclaim system for their own Case Management and have the ability to accept files by the export facility provided by Eclipse. Files can also be sent via a secure email system.

Weekly reports and regular update meetings:

  • Weekly reports sent on a Friday to demonstrate progress on files
  • Reports and update meetings held with clients to advise on retainers, file management and time recording to ensure maximum recovery